Watson as wake-up call: When genetics endorses a new eugenics

Posted by Marcy Darnovsky on October 22nd, 2007

The world now knows about the blatant racism of the twentieth century's most famous geneticist. Those tracking the story have also learned of James Watson's other assorted bigotries - his denigration of "ugly girls," "stupid" children, and "fat people"; his endorsement of paying rich people to have more children and aborting affected fetuses when tests for a "gay gene" are developed.

But that's not all. Though neither media nor blogosphere have noted it so far, Watson - and a small but disturbing number of other prominent figures - have over the past decade been actively promoting a renewed program of eugenics, this time using twenty-first century reproductive and genetic technologies.

The new eugenics crowd is hardly coy. Various among them have explicitly endorsed "seizing control of our [human] evolutionary future" and "engineering the human germline." Back in 1998 they held a high-profile conference - covered on the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post - to plan how to make this high-tech eugenics "acceptable" to the American public.

At that event, Watson called for "mak[ing] better human beings" by "add[ing] genes." A few years later, he advised that "Hitler's use of the term Master Race" should not make us "feel the need to say that we never want to use genetics to make humans more capable than they are today."

Those familiar with the Center for Genetics and Society are aware of these travesties; in fact, CGS's formation in 2001 was prompted in large part by the urgent need to counter them. Thus we've collected a fair sample of revealing Watsonisms. We've compiled these, and ask that anyone who has others send them to us.

Here are a few other accounts of Watson's eugenics advocacy:

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  1. Comment by Stienster, Feb 18th, 2008 10:03am

    This is only my current thought, but I can't get it out of my head. I believe there is a group of 'people' who have been directing humanity for several decades, most commonly known as world elites. I believe these elites have been involved in genetic manipulations for the purpose of producing more than super healthy, choice genetic humans. I believe they've been developing a creature: human hybrid, commonly known as alien grays. I don't believe there are aliens from other planets, I believe the aliens are produced to manipulate the perfect reason for total social control - world wide.

    I also believe in the Bible as The Truth. I believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Who came to earth as half human, half Holiness Embodied. I believe He came to redeam us through the sacrifice of His life and shedding of His Blood. I believe He was crucified and died, went to hell and preached salvation to whom ever would be saved by God's Grace through Jesus' sacrifice. I believe He rose from death after 3 days and therefore concurred death and the grave, removing control from satan and his dark angels.
    I believe in The Bible prophecies.
    I believe these created 'aliens' will be used to convince humanity that there is no God and no truth in The Bible. I believe this is the great and last challenge for humanity to choose satan and death, or choose God and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    This is my only way, the only way that I know how to warn people, to at least put the thought out 'there', so if/when 'the aliens' come, God's true elect will not be misled.

    May The Lord God continue to have Mercy on us.



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