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March 17, 2008

Female Sperm and Gay Guinea Pigsby Marcy DarnovskySan Francisco ChronicleMarch 17th, 2008While gay families and their supporters await the California Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of a voter-approved law banning same-sex marriage, a few researchers and pundits are proposing that same-sex procreation with bio-engineered gametes will undermine one of the key arguments of same-sex marriage opponents.
Genomes of the Rich and Famousby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2008Genomics’ growing convergence with information technology may lead to the genetic "exploitation" of society's elite.
PhRMA and BIO Self-Image: Downtrodden and Besiegedby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2008Pity the poor bioscience industry.
A Day Late and a Dollar Shortby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2008A question following the largest beef recall in American history: Why on earth has the FDA approved meat produced by cloning?
More Media Coverage of Surrogacy Outsourcingby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2008The Today Show reports on the "rent-a-womb" boom in India.
Looking for Donor Dadsby Jamie D. BrooksBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2008The Oprah Winfrey Show features kids of sperm donors looking for their biological dads.
Cloning, Children, and Consentby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2008After a string of actions that are a mix of the rushed and the unjustified, now I am reluctant to offer the benefit of the doubt to the UK's governance of reproductive and genetic technologies.
California Stem Cell Research Program UpdateGenetic CrossroadsMarch 17th, 2008The leadership of the California stem cell research program, now with new president Alan Trounson on board, continues to generate headlines - but not the kind it wants.
The Latest from Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsMarch 17th, 2008Who's Biting Who?: Headlines on White Surrogate for Asian Couple, Sex selection: Consumer right or violence against women?, Expanding the egg business, and more
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsMarch 17th, 2008India Nurtures Business of Surrogate Motherhood, Would you deposit to 'biobank'?, Gene Map Becomes a Luxury Item, and more


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